Meet the face
behind the posts

Hi all! My name is Amy Robb and I am the voice behind Amy Ray. I am a recent graduate from Baylor University, and I now live in Dallas with my fiancé, Harrison, and our dog, Huckleberry. I love fashion, interior design, beauty, planning, food, fitness, and more!


So, where did Amy Ray come from? Well, I think that the world needs a bit more positivity, community, encouragment, creativity, and light. Amy Ray came from that concept right there. I want to be a 'ray' of light for others and bring joy to their lives. I want people to leave my blog feeling encouraged, happy, and filled with light. I hope every post I make as a positive impact on someone.


I created this little corner of the internet for me to share my passions with other people. I have lived in fear for a long time, and I have continually limited myself from chasing my dreams and passions. Not anymore! I am so excited to use this space to share ideas, styles, home decor, stories, things going on in my life, helpful tips, and so much more! This corner is a welcoming one, and I am so excited to start this journey. 

Time to shine, friends.


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