Just Do It

and by "It" I mean finally get a blog started, Amy.

Hi all! My name is Amy Robb and I am super excited to leap into the world of blogging! I have always wanted to be able to share my words, advice, experiences, passions, and so much more with others through blogging. I would start, get overwhelmed by the amount of things I didn't know, realize I couldn't be perfect right off the bat (ahhhh... never a place a perfectionist wants to be), and then, I would quit. I also feared what others would think about me or my words.

However, this life is a gift, and I don't what to waist it living in fear. It is an opportunity for me to do something exciting, encouraging, fun, and that lines up with my passions. So, here I am! I am ready to get started and hopefully get some of you out there who love what I have to say, get something good out of it, and we can just enjoy the community & fun together! I am going to jump in and tell you guys a little bit about who I am and how EXCITED I am to be here!

I am a recent graduate from Baylor University (Sic' em Bears) and now reside in Dallas, Texas. I live with my wonderful fiancé, Harrison, and our adorable shepherd /retriever mix, Huckleberry. My passions are fashion, interior design, organization, food, fitness, and many other areas that I look forward to diving into here. I want this to be a fun space to share things that I love, tips & tricks, styles, and different things going on in my life.

However, the main theme that I want to stick with throughout my blog is being a light, a 'Ray' of sunshine perhaps. I think the world is too full of negativity, judgements, and darkness. This is my opportunity to share light, joy, creativity, and encouragement. That is where the name Amy Ray came from because I want to be your ray o' sunshine, friends. I want to spread joy, and I want to build new relationships and have this be a community of positivity on a rainy day. I will use this as a forum for exciting topics, ideas, advice, and fun... and I cannot wait to get started with all of you.

I have been planning (I am a huge planner) and researching the best ways to start a blog, but its time for me stop overthinking it (a motto I am really focusing on these days) and just get started. I don't want to put it off any longer out of fear of it not being perfect... which it absolutely won't be. I am excited and ready to take on this new opportunity with joy in my heart and fear to the wayside.

Time to shine, friends.


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I am so glad you are here! I hope you enjoy your read. I look forward to getting to spend more time with you on this new journey! 

Time to shine, friends.


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