My 5 Tips For Voluminous Curls

I love hair care and styling tips! I have always enjoyed finding the best products, tools, and tips for my hair. I often get compliments as well as questions on how to do various styles. Many times people ask me how I achieve such voluminous, curly locks and then proceed to tell me they feel as if they cannot achieve a similar look. However, I think that with the right instructions, tools, products, and a little practice, you too can achieve voluminous, healthy looking locks of your own!

I am going to break it down into 5 (hopefully simple) steps that you can follow and tweak for your own personal hair type to get some curly volume that you love. So, let's jump right in!

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For starters, I want to introduce the products that I use that I have found work great for my hair type for me to achieve my desired volume. I will have all of the products linked directly to the source if you chose to pick them up and give my specific suggestion a try. However, an introductory tip that I have for you is to find products that work for YOUR hair. Yes, these are my swear by products and I would love fo you to give them a try. However, we all have such different locks to love, care for, and style so finding products that work well for you is important. This leads me into my very first step!

1. Prep (Night Time)

Starting off with a good base is so important to achieving the volume you want. This includes a good shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner/product, and synthetic brush scalp scrubber. Also, it is really important to try and train your hair to be able to go 2-4 days between washes. WHAT? UP TO FOUR DAYS???? Yes! I know this sounds crazy especially if you are one of those people that thinks that your hair MUST be washed every night or you feel like your hair is far too greasy to do this (I very much so used to be one of those people and would wash my very long hair every night!). I am telling ya, it is for sure a training process. You will go through a gross phase where your hair will not cooperate but pushing past that is important. Your hair will reward you and not feel like it has to replenish your natural oils so often cutting down on the greasiness. This will really help with creating lift in your roots. Helpful for this training process is a good dry shampoo, and I have linked my favorite in step 5.

Okay, I know if you are an avid hair washer you are probably not trusting me very much but hang in there! The products that I specifically use for this step are the Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I have found that these products really mesh well with my hair, don't weigh down the roots, and leave my hair feeling clean yet conditioned. When I shampoo and condition, something that I have found to be important in cleaning my roots and getting out any left over products from the styling process is my MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush from Amazon. I use this brush directly on my scalp with my shampoo (rinse and repeat). It feels great, but it also leaves your hair feeling clean all the way down to the most important part for volume, your roots!

Okay, my final two products for completing the Night Time prep are my leave-in product and my brush! Leave in is something that became really important to me when my hair was very long. I actually just cut off about 9 inches of my hair this past weekend for a summer refresh, but this product made a huge difference in my hair damage and just overall health of my hair. After getting out of the shower and SCRUNCHING my hair dry (do not rough up your roots with a towel!), I religiously spray in my It's a 10 Leave-In Product and brush it out with my Wet Brush. It's a 10 is the perfect combination for having nourished, conditioned, healthy hair without leaving it greasy or heavy. This product has so many benefits like preventing breakage, repairing split ends, moisturizing, heat protection, and more. This is an important step for me to keep my hair nourished, and the Wet Brush is to make sure I am not causing any breakage. Then I let me hair air dry to not cause any extra heat damage.

I know that seemed like a lot, but this is arguably the most important step because its all about hair health. AND remember, we only have to do this ever 2-4 days (I mostly do every 3 or 4 days).

2. Prep 2.0 (Morning Time)

Although It's a 10 has its own properties to protect against heat damage, I always go in with another heat protecter before starting the curling process. This is just something that is good for your hair, reduces damage, and extends time between cuts. The heat protecter I currently am reaching for is the Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Boost Heat Primer. I have found this one to work the best for me because it doesn't leave a weird texture, tackiness, or residue on my hair. After I spray my entire head, I go in with a round brush and a blow dryer. I make the top of my hair (especially the front/bangs part) a little bit damp a blow dry some volume into the roots with the round brush. Really round brush right at the roots and straight up or flip your hair to the opposite side and round brush it against its normal part. I do not have a specific blow dryer I recommend, but I am currently in the saving process for the Dyson (PUMPED about that!). Also, flip your hair over and blow dry it upside down to just give it that extra lift. Once my hair is completely dry, it is time to curl!

3. Curl it, girl!

For this step, I use a wand. I don't like to use curling irons. You most definitely could achieve a voluminous curl with a curling iron or curling it with a straightener if that is what you are more comfortable with, but I have found that a wand works best for me. I use the Remington CI96X1B Silk Ceramic Wand with a 1-1 1/2 inch barrel. This is an old faithful guys, but it is still available on Amazon. I have had this wand for as long as I can remember, and it is such a good price! I section out my hair into manageable layers. Then, I spray each piece with my heat protectant and curl it around the barrel holding each piece for about 30-40 seconds (this works for my hair because I have very thick hair, but monitor what heat setting and length of time works for your hair). After the hair is curled around the barrel for your desired time, gently release the hair, still in the coil, into your hand, letting the curl cool down in your palm. Then gently release it to free fall. This is an important step because it sets the curl in its place while it is still warm to maintain it shape. This extends the hold of your curls and keeps them from falling too much. Do this with your entire head resisting the urge to shake it out.... yet!

4. Brush it out!

Oftentimes, I see gals spray their hair with some hairspray and call it quits after the previous step thinking this is the max volume they can achieve. But, it is not! Now, I am not saying it doesn't look good to leave it after step three! If you are wanting tight coils then yes, leave it, gal! But, if you are wanting the voluminous, tousled curls that stay in place, you have to brush it out! After your hair has completely cooled down (important to reduce frizziness), take your hair brush, any paddle brush you desire, and gently brush out those tight coils. I also like to go in with my fingers and really separate out the curls and finger through them. I know this seems a bit scary since you spent all that time curling up each piece, but be gentle, really brush through it, twist pieces that fall too much, and just play around with it. Trust me, it makes a world of difference! This is honestly where you achieve the most volume!

5. Finishing Touches (All the sprays!)

Following the brush out, I spray in some dry shampoo in the root where I want a little more lift. Yes, even when my hair is clean! This just helps me achieve the lasting lift that I want. The dry shampoo that I use is the Batiste. I have linked the current scent that I have, but I have not found much of a difference between the different scents as far as results go. This dry shampoo does come out white, which I know bothers some people, but I really just work it into my roots and the white goes away. This is my go to because I have found that it does not weigh down my hair even after a few days. This step is also where you can put texturizing product in your hair, but I have found it not necessary for my particular hair type. However, if you have thinner or more fine hair, this might be a step you want to try!

and FINALLY, flip that hair over girl and spray it with some volume hairspray (this is normally Max Lift, Lift Level 4 or 5, or Volume hairspray depending on the brand). Again, I go with Pantene Pro-V in this case as well. I use the Volume High Lifting Hairspray for high lift and fullness. It might take a couple tries to find your holy grail hairspray, but its worth it. After spraying my hair, a put a little It's a 10 (I am telling you, this product is amazing) on my fingers, run it through my hair, and touch up my ends for some extra moisture.

AND THAT'S IT! My 5 tips for voluminous curls. My hair holds pretty well, and I normally do not need touch ups throughout the day. However, if you do want to do some touch ups, just do a little more of step 5 here and there! I will redo steps 2-5 in the mornings (not to the full extent) to touch up anything that went a little crazy from the day before, get rid of any oil from the day prior with my dry shampoo, or bring some lift back into the deflated parts from sleeping on the curls.

I hope that this was helpful, informative, and made you want to try some new products and new techniques! I really enjoyed writing this post and hope you guys liked it!

Time to shine, friends!


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