Our Engagement Story

We are engaged! ...well, we actually have been for a little over month now. I wanted to go ahead and share our little engagement story, and also introduce Harrison. It was such a special weekend in a very special place, and I can't wait to share it with you. It is finally setting in that we are actually engaged! Ah!

Before I get into it though, a little background on Harrison! We met back in college when I was a sophomore and he was a senior. So, we have been dating almost three and a half years now. He is originally from Texas, so when things started to get serious with this Texas boy, my out of state parents knew I was staying in Texas forever. I am not complaining though... this man has my heart but so does Texas! We have been through a lot together and grown so much as individuals and a couple. We had been talking about engagement for quite some time and had originally thought we would get engaged in March. However, Coronavirus wasn't having that and our plans were pushed back quite a bit, but God's timing always works out better than our own! Also, so everyone knows... it wasn't too much of a surprise for me hehe. Okay, now onto our little story!

Where did it happen?

San Antonio has always held a special place in our relationship. That is originally where H is from and it quickly became somewhere that we both loved and cherished together. San Antonio is where we have always celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, a Christmas or two, had great family memories, etc. So, why not add engagement to that list??? Harrison had even asked me if I would prefer it to be in San Antonio or Florida which is where we were going the following weekend to visit my family. I chose San Antonio though so it was not too much of a surprise for me, and I pretty much knew it was going to be happening that weekend! However, we had a little bump in the road on our way there... literally. My car got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere! It really could have been such a big damper on our fun, but we ended up finding a 24 hour truck stop that fixed my tire good as new and we were on our way. We laughed and really made light of the situation, and we eventually made it to SA late the night of the 12th.

Photo Courtesy Historic Pearl

We got up the morning of June 13th, H told me to get all dressed up for brunch, the nerves and excitement kicked in, and we headed to The Pearl. The Pearl is a regular place for us to go whenever we are in SA. It is such a beautiful area and there is a farmers market on Saturday! Anyway, so we get to The Pearl and we were going to head into brunch, but we took a little detour. We went over by these beautiful waterfalls and bridges over behind the Hotel Emma. We were right on the River Walk and H got down on one knee and proposed! I don't even remember all he said because we both were just smiling ear to ear from happiness and excitement and it is all a blur!

After the proposal, we headed to get some champagne and started celebrating the occasion! I couldn't stop smiling and staring at my ring. I think H was just relieved it was all over and he didn't have to hide/hold on to the ring anymore ha! After having champagne at the Hotel Emma, we headed to get brunch at Cured... a favorite brunch place that I 100% recommend if you visit the Pearl. We spent the rest of the late morning/early afternoon celebrating with each other and appreciating the moment with each other.

Photo Courtesy of The Hotel Emma

Evening Festivities

After heading back to the condo from the engagement, H crashed and napped for about 2 hours. He was quite sleepy from the excitement of the day, and I spent some time calling and FaceTiming all of my friends and family. This is us guys... I am for sure the crazy talker and he keeps it cool, calm, and collected!

That night, Harrison planned a beautiful, fancy, romantic dinner at a nice steak house. Not only that, we ended the night with a horse and carriage ride around downtown. This is something that we actually had done for our anniversary the year prior so it was really special to think about how far we had come, reminisce, and think about all we will get to do together in the future. It was so beautiful and romantic, and it will be something that I cherish forever.


oh, yes! and the RING! The ring is something that H and I picked out together. I am quite a picky Nicki so I really wanted to be a part of the process, and also relieve some pressure off of him. I knew that I wanted something different and bold but still really classic. I have always loved sapphires and had always thought that that might be the stone that I wanted for my engagement ring. Also, Princess Kate has that gorgeous sapphire engagement ring originally worn by Princess Diana, and I mean its perfect so I had to! My ring is from a wonderful online company called SamNSue, and is an emerald cut blue sapphire with a delicate halo of diamonds. I am so in love with my ring and so very impressed by the work that SamNSue did to make it absolutely PERFECT! I can't wait to get my wedding band from them too!

There ya have it! Our engagement story! It really was such a special weekend and so beautiful. It perfectly reflected our individual personalities and our relationship. I cannot wait to marry this man! Let the wedding planning begin!

Time to shine, friends.


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Time to shine, friends.


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